Our mission is to deliver a safe and effective fitness program for everyone who walks through our doors.  We strive to push our members to their limits in order to meet each and everyone’s potential while keeping a safe environment.  We train for long term health and longevity, not only for today. You will not be alone on your fitness journey, with just your thoughts and headphones to keep you going.  We are a close knit family and are all about high fives and fist bumps.  We laugh together, hang out together, and get in some kick ass workouts together.


StrongArm CrossFit is a 3600 square foot facility in a newly built retail center in the heart of Millstadt, IL. We are fully outfitted with world-class equipment for CrossFit and endurance training. Our gym has plenty of pull-up bars, climbing ropes, gymnastics rings, free weights, kettlebells, rowing machines, and much more!  We have plenty of parking and paved well lit running routes outdoors. We take pride in keeping a well maintained and clean facility with air conditioning, heat, and a complimentary kids area where your child can be seen from everywhere in our facility. Stop by today to see for yourself!


At StrongArm CrossFit, you train as a small group.  Members support and push each other to achieve things you never thought possible.  You share in not only each other’s struggles but more importantly in each other’s triumphs.  The atmosphere of our group classes cannot be found at any typical gym.  This is at the heart of what makes StrongArm CrossFit tick, what helps people succeed in meeting their fitness goals, and what keeps them coming back for more.  Our members comes from varied backgrounds—from students, athletes, small business owners, stay-at-home moms, school teachers, nurses, and everyone in between. 

At StrongArm CrossFit, we’re your second family!

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