Whether you just moved or are looking for your next challenge, if you’re an experienced CrossFit athlete, StrongArm Crossfit is the place to be. Your first class is always free. In case you need a few more WODs here, every additional class is our regular drop-in rate. This process is for athletes with previous CrossFit experience at other CrossFit affiliates. Please email us if you would like to get started and include how long you have been doing CrossFit.


1. Send us a message  (email or FaceBook) to let us know you”ll be dropping in. Refer to our class schedule for class times.
2. Dropin fees are $15 (CASH ONLY) or $50 (CASH ONLY) for a week. 
3.  Come a few minutes early to sign a waiver or save time by using this link to fill out your waiver online.
4. For safety of the athlete and efficiency of the class, only experienced CrossFitters ( 3 months or more at an Affiliate) will be allowed to dropin.
5. For those who are not experienced CrossFitters, please refer to our “free trial” class. 

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